Who is Total Toy Recon?

Total Toy Recon is the premiere action figure site on the web. Our website provides industry news, reviews, columns, toy hunts, and more. Total Toy Recon is co-founded by former members of Action Figure Junkies. Our core values remain the same, to maintain a fun, family, atmosphere and to treat fellow collectors with respect. Total Toy Recon is here for you, the collector, the occasional fan, and the next generation of toy enthusiasts.
The total Toy Recon team

MJ ORTIZ - Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder
MJ’s action figure passion stems from his childhood love of movies, TV, and the toys that accompanied them. As a self-admitted “Giant Nerd” the majority of his youth was spent on these hobbies. Every time MJ is able to acquire a new piece for his collection he gets to relive his childhood, just a little bit.  In contrast to the Jedi Junkie, MJ Ortiz has the completionist bug, which means that he can never just have one from a favorite line; he must collect them all. like Thanos and the Infinity Gems. This either makes him a crazy person or a Mad Genius. He believes the latter.
Majority of His Collection: DC Collectibles
Favorite Piece: NECA's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo, autographed by Kevin Eastman
Holy Grail: A film used Proton Pack from Ghostbusters

ROBERT TRATE - Editorial Director / Co-Founder
Robert Trate, since 2014, has been at the very heart of the toy collecting world. Formerly Mania’s Toy Maniac and site Editor, Robert was invited to join Action Figure Junkies by Jarrett Kruse at the creation of the official website in 2015. In late 2019 Robert joined MJ Ortiz in co-founding Total Toy Recon. A twelve year veteran of covering pop culture, Robert has seen it and been to it all, including multiple comic cons on both coasts and Star Wars Celebration Europe. Robert’s action figure passion stems from growing up with a large Kenner Star Wars collection and fully embracing the rebirth of Star Wars when Hasbro relaunched the line. However, his collecting now leans towards more of the artistic side over the need to be a completist.
Majority of His Collection: Star Wars
Favorite Piece: An Original Blue Snaggletooth
Holy Grail: A Mint Condition Godzilla Shogun Warrior

- Columnist
Rick's infatuation with Batman started at a very early age. It was galvanized when his father brought him home a book he had borrowed from a co-worker. This was a new leather bound Batman book produced by Longmeadow Press. It was titled: "The Complete Frank Miller Batman". It contained two very important titles, "Batman Year One" and "The Dark Knight Returns". "The Dark Knight Returns" was just an awesome roller coaster. Following the release of this book, five months later would see the release of the Batman 1989 movie, which would also become a life long obsession. The most important advice he ever received was from his father was that he told him to be himself and do the things that make you happy. That, of course, was toys and comics. He's happily pursued them ever since.
Majority of His Collection: Batman
Favorite Piece: The Longmeadow Press book that hangs on a frame in his home / NECA'S 1989 Batman 7 inch figure
Holy Grail: Kenner Batmissle Batmobile MOC (one day)

KIMBERLY TRATE - Columnist/ Videographer
With several years of writing for Mania and Action Figure Junkies, Kim is proud to be the female voice at Total Toy Recon. She has traveled to Toy Fair, New York Comic-Con and San Diego Comic-Con, and can most likely be found in the local movie theaters. Growing up in the eighties and nineties, Kim pieced her collection together over a solid base of Kenner Star Wars figures and all things Batman. Looking at everything with an artistic eye, Kim enjoys seeking out prize pieces from movies she loves and traveling to film locations.
Majority of Her Collection: Star Wars, Batman, enough movie concept art books to fill a Batcave… pretty much the same as in 1990.
Favorite Piece: DC Comics Classic TV Series Batman Utility Belt
Holy Grail: Sideshow Joker from Batman (1989)

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