First off I want to start by saying thank you to everyone that Likes, Shares , Comments, Buys thru my links, Pretty much just engages with the page. Because of all of you and all of your help we are able to do an awesome giveaway like this one. We started this page to be a place for people to find out how to get toys without overpaying, and bring the latest news possible. The page itself has morphed as we went along but we are glad to be bringing you toy news and other fun content each and every day. For this contest we didn’t want to just make it the standard like share and subscribe to enter. We want you to have a bit of fun while doing it. In order to win you're going to have to show off some of your collection or hunt down some of these brands in the wild. Below are the rules for entry. We will be checking that all conditions have been met. Because this isn’t just a standard contest we are going to leave it open for entry for 10 days. The winner will be chosen on 6/21. Good Luck to all the participants!


  1. Like and share this post to your feed not your stories you must not be a private Instagram account to enter.
  2. Follow these accounts @totaltoyrecon , @aussietoyrecon , @theloyalsubjects , @collectdst , @megocorp , @collectionobsessionofficial ,  @Dblakemakes , @lootcrate .
  3. You will need to your entry post with the 5 pictures listed below and tag the above accounts in the post. Also in the caption you need to list what items you chose for your pictures.
  4. Picture 1 you need to post  a photo of yourself with any @theloyalsubject items. This can be anything from their brand examples Action Vinyls, Bxt Axn, Superama and more.
  5. Picture 2 you need to post a photo of yourself with any @collectdst items. This can be anything from their brand examples Marvel Select, Mini Mates, busts , or statues.
  6. Picture 3  you need to  post  a photo of yourself with any @collectionobsessionofficial items. Collection Obsession is the company that stocks all the collectors items in @walmart . For this give away you can take a picture with any brands from , @mego , @qmxinsider , @McFarlanetoysofficial , @wetamini . To find a list of brands go to . 
  7. Picture 4 you need to post  a photo of yourself with any @megocorp item. Theses can be from the new line or the classic Mego.
  8. Picture 5 you need to make a post of a photo of yourself at a place you buy toys. This can be your favorite Toy store or @walmart or @target collector sections. As long as you buy toys there it will count.
  9. Have fun the purpose of this giveaway is to get a giant haul of figures into the hands of a true collector. It’s a lot to do to win but it’s also a lot you can win. If this seems like a chore to do its prolly not a giveaway for you. This is going to give you a chance to go thru your collection and hunt down some items in the wild or go check out your friends collection to complete. The more fun you have in your photos and in describing them in the comment the better chance you have at winning the contest. 

** This contest is open to everyone with no limitations on location. However we understand that due to Covid and item availability in some countries this might now be possible. Please reach out to via email with any issues and we will do our best to accommodate your entry.**

No items found.

List of items 

Walmart Ghostbusters Ghost Trap 

Bat raptor from McFarlane 

McFarlane Dc Multiverse  Death Stroke 

Marvel Legends Series 12” hulk

Marvel legend 80 Years Retro White Suit Storm  

Gi Joe Classified Arctic Mission Storm Shadow 

Mattel Dc Multiverse The Atom 

Neca Toon  Series Splinter and Baxter Stockman 2 pack 

Marvel legends Havok and  Polaris 2 pack 50

Dc direct Batman The Animated Series Grey Ghost 

Hasbro Black Series Target Exclusive Mandalorian Din Djarin and The Child 

Mezco Batman Supreme Knight 

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Chimari and Horrid 

Skybound Atom Eve Regular and Bloody Variant

Hasbro Mighty Morphin Power Rangers All Zord Megazord BAF

@Dblakes logo of your choice

Mego DC 3 Pack (shipped from Mego)

Diamond Select Marvel Select Special Edition Loki 

Obsession collection Ultraman Mego and Spiderman qmx

The Dark Knight Coin BlastTwo face 

Fresh From The Sewer Tmnt Sweatshirt 

Funko Pop Target Exclusive Splinter  

1 lootcrate 

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